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ya newgrounds!

2009-12-12 21:30:59 by RKrazy

my first time in newgrounds :) im excited XD
im working on an animation, so hopfully ppl will lke it when its done :)
dont expect tooo much from me since ths is my first time with flash :P


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2009-12-12 22:29:13

hope it's good!

RKrazy responds:

thanks i hope so too =P


2010-06-27 17:48:49

Not bad for your first flash! Can't wait to see more. :)


2010-06-27 18:00:29

you're a girl on the internet, so naturally you're going to have a hard time being taken seriously amoungst the 12 year olds im afraid. which to be fair is a shame, you're first flash is pretty damn good

RKrazy responds:


I'm not doing too bad on Deviantart actually, ppl (somwhat) take me seriously XD.

now its NG's turn, but it appears that more inmature ppl lurk around here @__@
aw well, thanks for the support ^_^


2010-06-27 18:02:50

Didn't knew you had a NG acc. Watched you for quite a while on NG and looking forward seeing more from you.


2010-06-27 18:03:59

PS: I meant dA xD


2010-06-28 10:49:14

good job, your movie passed, make more, grow in experience, dominate the world


2010-06-29 17:25:01

Well Ms. Krazy, youdid a great job putting art on deviantart, now we will see how you do in Newgrounds. Nice little animation by the way.


2010-09-10 11:43:39

if you were that badass on deviantart,I'm very sure you'd fit in 'ere.Good luck,mate.


2011-03-08 12:05:06

Hi there


2011-06-20 09:18:18

good luck on newgrounds :)
and nice flashes you got there ^^


2011-07-17 22:28:24


RKrazy responds:

Well I am gay for men :P